Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Massage Therapy

One thing that has become clear to me is that the amount of time it takes for one to conceive, directly influences one's gullibility. If you would have told me one year ago that I would be getting massages and considering acupuncture, I probably would have laughed hysterically. Give me facts, give me science, give me numbers... not alternative mambo jambo. Boy, have I changed...
My husband and I have a massage therapist. He is our go-to guy for any muscle aches and pain, my husband's hip issue, and my stress over work. In one of our sessions he casually mentioned he works with couples who are trying to conceive and to let him know when we were trying. I then started thinking (to much of my husband’s despair) about giving it a shot. What did I have to lose besides 60 minutes (well and a little money)?
He was understandably skeptical, but agreed under one condition: “You have to promise you are not going to throw money at anyone who tells you they can get you pregnant.” I can understand his (very much founded) fear and agreed to discuss with him, so we can jointly reach a decision on any and all treatments be them standard or alternative. I cannot, in good faith, commit to anything past that and he seemed to be at peace with that compromise. We scheduled an appointment for an hour, when he was going to show my husband pressure points and specific massage movements that are designed to increase a woman’s fertility. I conveniently overlooked the fact that he never explained what the massage would do.... would it be a stronger ovulation? Improved cervical mucus, perhaps? A stronger uterine lining? You know I just laid down, relaxed, and let the massage therapist and my guy get to work.
The massage was incredibly relaxing. At times it made me amazingly turned on and ready to jump my husband’s bone (well perhaps that’s how it increases fertility?). I was, however, a bit annoyed at my husband who was yawning and sounding uninterested at what the therapist was doing. The therapist kept explaining all the reflexology points and how to relax and stimulate the pelvic area, which oils to use. I have to admit that a piece of me thought that even if I did not get pregnant I got 60 minutes of the most relaxing full body massage a girl can get! And that already felt amazing!
Fast forward to the next morning. I had an abundant amount of egg white cervical mucus (EWCM) for the whole day. Not a little, not some, but a ridiculous amount, the way I rarely have (it was hump time, naturally). For the next two days it was watery and still is - I just wish my husband would do the massage again as I am definitely about to ovulate. However, being a guy, he is totally disinterested and wants to keep trying to traditional way (so why did he borrow the massager is just beyond me...). Since he was supposed to do it every other day to work I guess it is the end of the massage try out. I’ll still try to convince him a little more.

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  1. That actually sounds great! Hopefully it will work. If it does, then I need to get in on some of that. :)